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We offer a variety of courses and apprenticeships,
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Looking for a career working with children, young people, adults or families?

Already in the sector and looking to develop your skills?

You can access a range of professional practice workshops and qualifications from level 2 to degree level with Plymouth Training.

Do you work or want to work with Children, Young People, Adults and Families?

Whether its your first step on the career ladder or you are experienced and looking for professional development, we can offer a programme of training and qualifications.

We are specialist across the Children and Young People workforce sectors and offer professional practice workshops, professional development short courses and qualifications from level 1 to degree level.

Some are free, some funded under government initiatives, (including apprenticeship) and some programmes available for personal or organisation payment with payment plans available.


Learning with Plymouth Training can be funded in a variety of ways.

Want to pay for this course yourself?
Payment can be made in full or in installments.

Student Loan
In some instances, a student loan can be taken to cover the cost of your training.

Paid by Employer
Often your employer will cover the cost of your qualification.  They can pay for this out of training budget or they can access government funding to cover cost of apprenticeships in one of two ways:

Levy Funding:
Employers with an annual pay bill of over £3Million will have access to Levy funding for Apprenticeships where the majority of costs will be government funded alongside a small cost to the employer.

Those employers sitting under that threshold may be eligible for Non-Levy funding where apprenticeships can be funded 95% by the government and 5% by the employer.

Link to https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apprenticeship-levy-how-it-will-work


Full list of courses and qualifications available can be found here.


Full list of short courses available can be found here.